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a collaborative jewelry line celebrating inspiration and friendship


DePalma Jewelry Co. & Bracelets By Alexis B.

Inspired by their shared love of jewelry, DPJC and By Alexis B. combined forces to collaborate on these capsule collections of colorful, handmade pieces featuring precious metals and gemstones.

With fresh colors and designs in each one-of-a-kind release, there's always something new and beautiful to see.


We hope you love these pieces as much as we do!

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See the beaded gemstone bracelets and necklaces over on the By Alexis B. site!

Follow us on Instagram for updates on the latest additions to this ever-evolving collection, including new color palettes and one-of-a-kind designs with each release

  • DePalma Jewelry Co.
  • Bracelets By Alexis B.
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About The Original Muse Collection

Organic forms and whimsical colors come together with fine metals and gemstones to form this original collection, which is a joyful expression of our friendship and the inspiration we both feel in making and wearing jewelry.

For the original Muse Collection, Alexis (By Alexis B.) created these beautiful ombre color palettes in her necklaces and bracelets, using semiprecious gemstones and precious metal findings. 

Laura (DPJC) designed and crafted solid 14k gold and sterling silver earrings and rings to complement and coordinate with the color palettes in Alexis' pieces. Find her solid 14k and sterling silver beads incorporated into Alexis' work, too!

Forthcoming collections will continue to be inspired by the joy and whimsy of beautiful, natural, colorful gemstones and metals. Be sure to follow our social media accounts (below) for updates on each new release!

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